Shapes Academy
The Color Mind created a new website for Shapes Academy, more intuitive and representative for their ABC MEN School in Timisoara, Romania.
Residential Apartment
Fancy and luxury define this apartment located in Wien, Austria. Designed by us for people with refined tastes.
The Color Mind created a visual identity for GANJARS who brings to market new and smart packaging solutions for Cannabis Industry that started in Los Angeles, California.
Opium is a modern pub in the center of Caransebes, Romania. We improved their image with new a logo and personalized products like To Go Bags, Coffe Cups, PIzza Boxes and a webiste.
AutoSync Corp
AutoSync Corp started with a great vision for automotive industry in 2019 in Anaheim Hills, California. Our collaboration is based on several services such as branding, UX/UX design and more.
Limoandaria Nea Tica
An innovative beverage concept with organically crafted lemonades, shakes & coffees located in Caransebes, Romania.
Fast 5 Pizza
Fast 5 Pizza is a take out restaurant chain, located in Southern California. We provided them with branding strategies, website and a mobile app for ordering.
A new, transformed and with a fresh touch Opium's terrace is COMING SOON!


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Creation of a visual identity for everything you need. This includes Logo, Business cards, Brochures, Packing design, Menus, Folders etc. We design everthing you need.

Web Design & Web Development

Creating and developing websites and online stores on all known platforms or only with code. Optionally you can choose for SEO ( on & off page optimization ).

Interior Design

Designing of spaces and objects. Interior design including sketches, tridimensional illustration and also field work needed to finish the project.

Mobile Aplication

Application development ( IOS, Android ro Windows ). Develop a unique mobile application for your brand or a mobile application to complement an existing web application.

Social Media & Online Marketing

SEM (search engine marketing), this includes Facebook Ads, Google AdWords and others. This service substantially improves your online presence.

Printing Services

We also provide printing services, this way transforming digital graphics into real life objects.


The Color Mind is a full-service digital support agency that offer services as logo design, branding, web design & web development, marketing & social media, UX/UI layout design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), mobile applications & software solutions, printing services and interior design

Do the right things beacause anyone can design a logo, anyone can design a website, but not everyone can design the right logo or the right website. A successful design may meet the goals set in you design brief, but truly env‍‍‍iable inconic will also simple, relevant, ednuring, distinctive, momorable, and adaptable. We would love to meet each other, to ‍‍‍create something beautiful together, something different. 

Let s create a Brand.

UX/UI Design
Interior Design
Webdesign & Web Developemnt



The Color Mind

SEO ( on page optimization )

Because online competition is growing nowadays, we decided to talk a little about SEO, the essential steps and the key points that no website should

The Color Mind

PlayStation 5: Sony reveals PS5 console

At an online event that took place this week, Sony unveiled the hardware design of the PlayStation 5, along with other information about the next

The Color Mind

The Color Mind

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