SEO ( on page optimization )

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Because online competition is growing nowadays, we decided to talk a little about SEO, the essential steps and the key points that no website should lack, namely:

1. Domain name is an important factor in SEO. The domain name can be focused on branding (being made up of your brand name), SEO (formed exclusively from the keyword / keywords you want to focus on) and combined: branding + SEO (your brand name + keyword / keywords).

Ex: (focused on brand) (focused exclusively on SEO) (focused on both, SEO and brand)

2. URL friendly, each page on your website is assigned an URL, it is necessary for each URL to contain one or more keywords (which later will be included in the content of the website).

3. Each website must have a title and a description on each page, which of course has to include keywords. (minimum of 165 characters for description).

4. META TAGS. Meta Tags are the keywords that need to be entered on each page, these keywords must prevail in titles, content, names, pictures and picture descriptions (alt = “”). Your keywords are determined by the field of your activity or by the products you want to promote. The list of keywords is created with specialized tools (like: google keyword planner). 

5. Content titles (not to be confused with page title) are classified from H1 to H6 (where H1 is the most important and H6 is the least important), these headings must necessarily include relevant keywords that have been entered like META TAGS.

6. Content is the most important decision-making factor in SEO, if it is not properly written it can cancel everything that was previously done. The content should be as wide and as original as possible. The purpose of the content is to provide the customer with as much information as possible about the product in the easiest and fastest way and the order of placing the information on the page is from the most important to the least important. Keywords are the most important in editing content, they should be used as often as possible, it’s also recommended to use synonyms in order to avoid repeating yourself. Each page must have a minimum of 400 words for better optimization.

7. To have the best upload speed of the website you must have Image optimization, it is recommended to use a suitable resolution (neither too large nor too small) and optimize them with different programs.

8. Each image must have a name and a description (alt = “”), it is recommended to use the line instead of space to name the images (Ex: apple-smart-phone.jpg) 

9. Each website must have a shortcut image, and namely favicon.

10. It is recommended to use as many social media accounts as possible (facebook, instagram, twitter, google + etc) for a better exposure to the online environment.

11. Integrating Google’s services such as Analytics (Website Traffic Monitoring), Search Console (for better control over Google’s indexing of your site) and My Business (your presence on Google maps) also plays an important role in developing and promoting your business.

The Color Mind

SEO ( on page optimization )

Because online competition is growing nowadays, we decided to talk a little about SEO, the essential steps and the key points that no website should

The Color Mind

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The Color Mind

The Color Mind

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